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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Red Hot Eye Kandy Of The Month! @TheRealEyeCandi

Eye Candi was first introduced to the Modeling Industry in 2007 by joining a forces with a modeling group "Dime Piece Entertainment". Eye Candi, born as Tanieka McFarland is the second child out of three children. She had a moderate upbringing, raised by a single mother that was very strong and Independent. Eye Candi learned from the strength of a woman who taught her to set her goals high and to work hard to bring them into realization.
It was the chance Eye Candi had to meet with a female rapper Ms. Tish that forever changed the path for Eye Candi. She grew and learned very valuable lessons while under Ms. Tish, in which has helped her get to where she is today and continues to go.
In the beginning, Eye Candi was hesitant to participate in her first photo shoot and even more so to construct a website. However photographers and different supporters with strong faith in Eye Candi convinced her that a website would be an instant success. They saw something else in the extremely photogenic model, which was hunger and charm.
Eye Candi ventured out on her own, no longer being apart of a group. However, She was unaware of the spectacular response she would get from her photos. Once she was networking with the right people, it was from there her career progressed.
Eye Candi went from relative obscurity to being seen everywhere on different websites and videos,within the span of a few months. She has been featured in magazines which include: Stilletto Talk Magazine and covergirl for Splurge Magazine,Ecstasy Models Website,Black Men Digital,Mxy Magazine, Ghost Money Entertainment Website,Urban Vixenz, Bilionaire Magazine, but has her biggest feature coming in Straight Stuntin Issue #23. She has been in music videos for local artist which include: Savion Saddam "Stop Trippin", Cast A Way "Puff Puff Pass" and Lethal "My Girl, She has also made feature appearances on "Big Tyme TV" and "Truth Dvd Magazine, 2010 Model Of Year Nominee and now North Carolinas 2012 Eyecandy/Model Of The Year, Straight Stuntin Magazine issue 22 and 23.. Stay tuned for more.....
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