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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Red Hot Eye Kandy @FirstClasse

VA born NY breed bursting onto the scene with Glamor, Charm, and Charisma &Sex Appeal! Introducing the lovely Dawn Rae’ known to most as First Class’e that’s because everything she does is top notch!

First Class’e has been on the modeling scene for years, she has done more runway projects than she can count. You may have seen her as a model featured in the Nike Los Fearless Ad which was a promotion for All-star week in Los Angeles, CA 2011. She has also been selected to be the featured model in a host of websites, trade magazines, web magazines and a few prints. First Class’e is a Co- host for Mr. Official whistles himself Cool V’s blog TV show! That’s not all, you want to hear the smooth voice for yourself then you can check her out the radio! First Class’e is a Model/host for “WILD Radio” with the Fleet Dj’s.

It doesn’t stop there, known to the acting industry as “Dawn Rae’” she has made guest appearances on an array of TV and radio shows. She has been the leading lady in a few local artist music videos and is most proud to be a main character in the movie “April’s Fool” by Terre King Productions which premiered on 9/10/11 in Buffalo, NY and will be premiering 4/2012 in Harlem, NY. She has also recently been casted to appear in a sitcom that will be airing in the fall “The Jones’s”, her plate is most definitely full but she keeps grinding to advance her career as quickly and expeditiously as possible. Her motto is to remain humble yet hungry!

Her measurements are 34D-24-37, she is a petite model standing at 5’3” but can be 5’7” given the right pair of stilettos!

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Or contact: Imfirstnow@gmail.Com

Remember to achieve any goal you must take a certain path~ Instead of going Coach why not go First Class’e?

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