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Monday, February 28, 2011

Red Hot! Eye Kandy Of The Month @lovemekatrina

Model Katrina was born in Rochester, NY on September 15th 1988. Her ethnicity is a tasteful blend of African American, Puerto Rican, Sicilian, and Indian. From a young age Katrina was inspired by the models she seen in various magazines. She would cut out pictures of the models and pose just like them. During her high school years she sang in choir and participated in her schools drama club. Katrina still had a passion for modeling but did not persue her dream until she moved to Miami when she was 19. There in Miami on her search for a new life she gained the strength and courage to persue her dream. She returned to Rochester, NY the following year and shot with many photographers to build her portfolio. Katrina has been featured on numerous websites and a couple magazines. Her dream is to one day run an empire and be the most googable person on the internet. Katrina has many other talents that she embodies including Make Up Artist, Hostess and Stylist. With her many talents and hardcore “boss” mentality the world will soon know who Katrina is.
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