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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

DJ Omega Reds Bio Condensed Version

DJ omega red hails from the mean streets of NY. He moved around a lot as a child no real place to call home even homeless at times as he says "my mother just couldn't make ends meet" this contributed to his relentless drive later in life. At age 14 one of his older brothers was brutally murdered and his mother moved out-of-state because she couldn't deal with living in NY anymore. Leaving him to move in with his grandmother who in turn died when he was 15 forcing him into the world on his own. He instantly gravitated to street life selling drugs as a means to support himself hanging out with the older guys on the block learning from them. he also started deejaying that year as a hobby but that took a back burner. the streets were calling and he answered with his hustle or die motto "survive at all costs don't try make it happen by any means necessary " he suffered through many years of consequences stemming from his chosen lifestyle of a hustla from being shot stabbed to multiple incarcerations etc. In 2007 he decided to go full throttle with music stapling him as one of the top mix-tape deejays worldwide since then he has worked with some of the biggest artists in the game the list is endless as he continues to redefine the word "grind". He has over 300 mix-tapes worldwide he has a bds radio show every sat from 12am to 1am on Deejaying is only one facet of his vast arsenal he also ghost writes and is involved behind the scenes providing artist development services and handling everyday operations of his own company red ink media. He has also been recognized by several DJ coalitions he is the president of the back block gang djs and a member of the fleet djs, future star djs, 730 dipset djs, hooligang djs and the 100 mad/onyx djs. Through all his life struggles he has overcome all obstacles put in his path a true survivor he says "when your backs against the wall you either fight for your life or admit defeat and I'm not built to lose so I endure through any challenge set before me". With that attitude he has excelled in all areas of his life a true go getta when asked what advice he would give to some one trying to get into the industry he said."Well first off I'm gonna say this game isn't built for everyone you gotta be committed to your grind! you have to make yourself a brand name and find a way to make yourself marketable and don't follow anyone be a leader carve your own lane and never give up on your dreams! DJ omega red is a brand that can't be infringed upon because I made it from the ground up with hard work and dedication to my craft". DJ omega red is truly in a class of his own a prime example of overcoming adversity to make his dreams reality we will end this with his favorite quote "at the end of your road when your life flashes before your eyes make sure its worth watching"
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